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What people are saying about INCOGNITA:

Another novel? Maybe you should get a real job. -Steve's Dad

This title sounds more interesting than that other book. -Steve's mom

You write? -Steve's older brother

Really? Again? Ok, it's really good. Happy? Now you owe me. -Steve's younger brother

That fence still needs to be fixed. -Steve's wife

What? -Steve's kids​

What people are saying about NO ONE NAMED TIM:

It's about time he finished something. -Steve's Dad

I didn't read it, but it sounds very interesting. -Steve's mom

You write? -Steve's older brother

It's really, really, really great. Ok, Steve. We're even now. Stop bugging me. -Steve's younger brother

It's finished? Good. Now maybe you can work on the fence. -Steve's wife

What? -Steve's kids

Welcome to Shadewrite.

Joan, daughter of the elf king, brings a rare guest into the kingdom, but Tim the Wood Sprite unwittingly possesses a chaotic and dangerous type of magic which threatens to ruin everything. It is up to Joan to put things right. 

My short story "Sometime Wherever," based on material cut from my novel No One Named Tim, is now available in the August edition of Frostfire Worlds. It can be found at Infinite Realms Bookstore

I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to click around and read. I also have stories on Wattpad. My wattpad user name is Shade9000. Wattpad is free to sign up for and easy to navigate.

Happy reading.

Steve Schade